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To submit please follow this link to Editorial Manager or contact the journal’s team ( who can assist you with submission.

Please ensure that your submission meets our Editorial Policies, and our instructions for authors. These can be found on the journal homepage, by clicking on the “Instructions for authors” link on the right hand side, or downloaded directly here

If you wish to use figures/tables that have been previously published elsewhere, you must obtain permission from the original copyright holder. Please provide proof of permission when submitting your manuscript or visit Springer’s Rights and Permissions site for more information.  Alternatively, proof of copyright can be e-mailed to 

To comply with our editorial policies, the corresponding author must sign our disclosure form for open access publication, or standard (not open access) publication, on behalf of all authors. Signed forms must be uploaded to Editorial Manager when submitting your manuscript. To download the disclosure form, please click here for Open Access or here for standard submissions. The Author Disclosure forms are also available on the right hand side of the journal homepage – please select the “Author Disclosure form - Open Access” or “Author Disclosure form - Standard” as necessary. The “Author Disclosure form - Standard” can be accessed by clicking the downward arrow symbol.

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